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International Declaration of Promoting Chinese Folk Culture Going Global and Supporting Statement on Dujiangyan Qingming Water Releasing Ceremony Application for the World Intangible Heritage, 28.02.2012

“Mr. Jing Dunquan, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries,
Mr. Xu Fuyi, Mayor of Dujiangyan Municipal Government,
Dr. John Xing, Secretary-General of the Friendship Communication Organization of Ambassadors and Madams on Knowing Chinese Culture,
Dear Colleagues,
Friends from the Media,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Culture transcends all borders. Any advanced culture aspires to be fully comprehended and recognized by large populations. It also aims to contribute to the development and progress of human civilization.

Chinese culture, being the longest and most continuous, has always been the focus of the world for its rich content and refined traditions. The Chinese people have always been willing to share their splendid culture with the people all around the world. History has proven that only by exchange, communication, elevation and integration with other cultures of the world, we could promote common development and prosperity. The Silk Road, gunpowder, the printing machine and paper are cases in point.

I am coming from a country with the world’s oldest known dam, built by the Hittites in 1700 BC.

By the same token, Dujiangyan Water Releasing Ceremony is an outstanding representative of Chinese folk culture and has lasted for over 2200 years. It boasts not only the historical and cultural vitality, but also the profound social value which could influence the real life of millions.

Like Turkish culture with its long history, Chinese culture belongs to humanity and deserves the care, protection, promotion and inheritance by the entire human race. With these thoughts, we would like to promote Chinese folk culture to the world and support the application of Dujiangyan Water Releasing Ceremony for the world intangible heritage.

We wish it a full success!