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Speech in the International Cultural Festival of the Wuhan University, 26.11.2011

President of the Wuhan University Prof. Li Xiao Hong,

Vice Governor of Hubei Mr. Tian Cheng Zhong,

Vice Chairman of the Ministry of Education Mr. Sheng Yang,

Distinguished academics and students,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to take part in the International Cultural Festival of the Wuhan University. I would like to thank warmly for the superb hospitality extended to me and to my colleague since our arrival yesterday.


Ladies and gentlemen, students,

For the future of our bilateral relations and also for a peaceful world, we need direct communication. And today’s event serves this purpose, and brings us closer to the lofty goal of peaceful coexistence.

The Wuhan University, with its academic competiveness, history dating back to 1893, has been one of the most popular universities amongst Turkish students and our participation in this gathering will definitely deepen the existing  relations between the Wuhan University and Turkey in general and Turkish Embassy in particular.


By the way, I want to recall that during last year’s event, my distinguished colleague Metin Kılıç has represented Turkey. As you can see we are following the Wuhan University closely.

Distinguished participants,

Universities, besides being institutions of enlightenment, they are also the players of a very special and essential role in the promotion of people-to-people contact. They constitute one the pivotal fields for the enhancement of relations between countries as well.


That is why, I hereby wish to declare that Turkish Embassy is ready to assist the Wuhan University in any way possible and we are ready to provide opportunities for its diligent students.


Distinguished guests, dear students,

There are 1.268 Turkish long-term students overall in China and 17 of them have been currently studying at the Wuhan University; around 50 in other various other institutions in the Hubei Province.


For the sake of better understanding amongst our peoples, we hope the number of Turkish students in China will increase as well as the presence of the Turkish students in Wuhan.


Ladies, Gentlemen,

It is crystal clear that the present widespread global social and economic tremor is fuelling increased tensions among communities, amplifying the sense of insecurity and feeding feelings of resentment and hostility against migrants and minorities and creating “the otherness” to different cultures.


This picture attributes a formidable challenge to the young generations to eradicate the undesirable results of “the otherness” all over the world, as the youngsters have usually been more open- and broad-minded.


That is why the presence of Turkish students and for that matter, the students from other nationalities in China is a valuable asset for the cross-cultural communication and accurate perception building among our people and especially the young generations. This will help us avoid misunderstandings and misperceptions in a global scale, through which we will see less confrontation and less conflict.


Ladies and gentlemen, students,

Here today, in this august gathering, I see the leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow.

With the rapid and well-organized rise of the Peoples Republic of China, your responsibilities, as future decision-makers, will also increase and this will put some more burden on your shoulders. Thus, you have to prepare yourselves well. You may be preoccupied with exams, graduation, finding a job and hopefully getting married, but don’t forget that there is a bigger picture out there.

Preparation for the bigger picture, I suggest you to keep a broad and open mind and do not only limit yourselves to the books, the bright Professors or the ubiquitous internet. I advise you to travel wide, talk to people and do not forget every issue has minimum two sides to it.

At one point, as a university student, who studied away from home 31 years ago, I also understand the challenges that the international students have to face.


My advice to them is to be tolerant, never forget that you are honorary diplomats and guests, and always be respectful of your generous host, the Chinese people. Try to learn as much as possible from this rich culture and history and make efforts to teach your culture to your peers. Make your diverse and stimulating environment, your classroom without limits, without borders,


To all Chinese students, who would keep my earlier advice and start travelling, if you wish to visit my country Turkey, I guarantee accelerated visa procedures. Pack your backpacks and start exploring the vast world before you.


For all the students gathered here be worthy of your parents and your leaders who have been through daunting challenges to provide you this unique opportunity to study at the Wuhan University.


Make them proud, make us proud. Always remember, “EVERY CHALLENGE IS MENTAL RATHER THAN PHYSICAL”.


With these thoughts, I would like to once again congratulate and thank the Wuhan University for this momentous event and the warm hospitality extended to us. I also would like to wish all the students a successful academic year and fruitful and happy life.


Xie xie, Zai jian.