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Opening speech at the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkey and China, 05.08.2011

Vice Minister Mr. Zhai Jun,

Distinguished Officials of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Commerce,

Ambassadors and Consul Generals who served in Turkey, Colleagues, friends, Nüshimen, Xianshengmen, Pengyoumen, Wanshang hao,

40 years ago, this very day our visionary leaders from our time honored countries made a very significant determination to re-embark on a long journey together, which was interrupted for reasons relating to conjuncture.

In an official sense the relations were reestablished with two signatures. One belonging to then our Ambassador in Paris Late Hasan Esat Işık and Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China Late Ambassador Huang Zhen.

I did not use the word re-embarkation by accident. Literally thousands of years ago, our ancestors were neighbors in this part of the continent.

They made peace treaties; they exchanged brides to seal the agreements.

Our leaders 40 years ago recognized the necessity of rejuvenating our relations.

Our research at the Embassy archives indicates that our leaders were very much aware of each others’ endeavors long before the formal establishment of our diplomatic relations.

This arose from historic bonds as well as similar challenges both the Turkish Republic and the People’s Republic of China had to face.

They were by all means daunting challenges against cohort of powerful countries. Yet they were not fazed.

In our modern times our leaders followed suit with equal determination.

The respect our countries enjoy and the position we held in the international arena, the trust bestowed on our leaders by our people are the most tangible results of their resolute approach.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Throughout our 40 years together, our relationship is studded with many stars of success. With your permission, I will concentrate on the more recent ones, President Gül’s visit to the People’s Republic of China after 14 years, Premier Wen’s visit to Turkey after 8 years, Prime Minister Erdoğan and Premier Wen’s agreement on elevating our relationship to the level of strategic cooperation are just few momentous ones.

I am proud to say that our relations have gained a new depth and strength in recent years in every field imaginable.

Our cordial cooperation at the UN Security Council and the G-20 are cases in point.

I would like to emphasize the powerful contribution of the CPC in this process. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the CPC on its 90th anniversary.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Presidents, the Prime Ministers and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs from our both countries congratulated each other by sending warm and cordial messages on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

As we are marking this historic date I also want to share with you the novelties we achieved in a short span of 2 years.

-We realized the first political consultations between our Foreign Ministries at the level of senior Undersecretaries in Ankara.

-Turkish Airlines now have 23 direct flights to the People’s Republic of China.

-Reciprocally we held the first government sponsored film festivals.

-Our bilateral trade reached the 20 billion USD level

-A frigate from the Turkish Navy realized a port call to the People’s Republic of China few days ago, with an aim to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our diplomatic relations.

-Air forces and special land forces have conducted their first joint exercises.

-Our contractors are jointly involved in infrastructure projects in the third countries.

-Young people from our two countries show more and more interest in each other’s culture and language. We have constituted a strong common ground in the field of communication.

And the list goes on.

Our two countries also very promptly extended to each other the hand of friendship and assistance at calamitous times like earthquakes and evacuations.

Are we satisfied with these achievements?

Of course not!

We still have big projects ahead of us in diverse fields.

One of our strong desires together is to revitalize the Silk Road between our people as a new means of trade, transportation, exchange of ideas and technology. Just like at the time of our ancestors.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I want to take this opportunity to credit our businessmen who have also contributed immensely to our bilateral relations with their foresight, courage and dynamism.

I am confident that our leaders who are no longer with us would have been proud of our achievements today. May all their souls rest in peace.

Our achievements are reliable indicators of our future successes.

With those thoughts and filled with pride and optimism regarding present and the future of Sino-Turkish relations, Ganbei!!!”