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Address at the New Year Reception held by the National Tourism Administration, 24.01.2011

Tarih/Date: 24.01.2011

Konuşmacı/Speaker: Başlık/Title: Dil/Language: English

“Mr. Chairman Shao Qiwei, Mr. Zhu Shanzhong (Vice Chairman), National Tourism Administration, Distinguished Leaders, Representatives of Travel Agencies, Colleagues, Nüshimen, Xianshengmen, Pengyoumen, Wanshanghao,

Thank you for the very warm welcome and the opportunity to address such a distinguished gathering.

Tourism exchanges between our countries enhance and strengthen our mutual understanding.

Even dizzying speed by which we can communicate with each other, thanks to technology, can not replace face to face contact.

Tourism provides us that special connection. The opportunity to see and touch the culture, appreciate history, architecture, customs, language, music and cuisine.

In 22 months, I had the pleasure of visiting 29 cities in this great country. As Mr. Chairman Shao mentioned in his remarks, it is crucial to travel in China to understand it better. And I am diligently following his advice.

Turkey and China are the two leading countries in both inbound and outbound tourism (57 million outbound, 55 million inbound tourists in China in 2008). We are happy to see that Tourism, which is also referred to as chimneyless industry, also contributes to our rapidly developing economies.

We are particularly glad to see an 11% increase in tourists from China to Turkey.

I am hopeful that the New Year will bring more interaction. All my colleagues here from Poland, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bangladesh would like their beautiful countries to be visited by Chinese citizens. There is also a big and beautiful world out there waiting for exploration.

Before I conclude, I wish the large tourism community all the best for the Spring Festival, a safe trip to those who will be travelling for their family reunion.

A healthy, prosperous, happy and successful year of the Rabbit to you all.

Xin nian kuai le! Xie xie.”