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Address at the New Year Reception held by CCPIT, 21.01.2011

“Mr. Vice Mayor of Buozhou,

Vice Deputy General of CCPIT Mr. Zhang Wei,

President of Gu Jing Gong Group,

Party Secretary of Gu Jing Gong Group,

Dear Colleagues,

Ladies and Gentlemen, Nüshimen, Xianshengmen, Pengyoumen, Wanshanghao,

As the Turkish Ambassador it is a distinct pleasure and honor for me to be part of this banquet marking the New Year.

In my 22 months in this great and beautiful country, I have visited 29 cities from north to south, east to west. During my visits I had the opportunity to meet with the representatives of CCPIT on numerous occasions.

I have to admit CCPIT with its members like Gu Jing Gong Group has been the most critical force behind today’s Chinese success.

Turkish NGOs formed by Turkish entrepreneurs and industrialists are rapidly developing sound relations with their CCPIT counterparts.

I am very hopeful that our bilateral trade which increased to 19 billion US dollars in 2010 will reach the mark of 50 billion US dollars in 2015, as set by our Prime Ministers H.E. Erdoğan and H.E. Wen.

With these thoughts I think CCPIT with all its employees and partners like Gu Jing Gong Group deserve a long vacation with their families.

I am sure my distinguished colleagues would join me wishing the big and friendly CCPIT family a healthy, prosperous, and successful New Year and a very festive Spring Festival which epitomizes rejuvenation.

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Xie Xie.”