Address By H E Ambassador Murat Salim Esenli On The Occasion Of The 10th Anniversary Of Direct Flights Of The Turkish Airlines To Hong Kong

Pekin Büyükelçiliği 22.10.2012
Hong Kong

Distinguished guests,
Dear Colleagues,
Partners of Turkish Airlines,
Members of the Media,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to congratulate the Turkish Airlines for its 10th anniversary for flying directly to Hong Kong and the important news of having daily flights throughout the week to be launched on October 31st, 2012.

National flag carrier Turkish Airlines has been growing exponentially in tandem with Turkey. We all know that in this volatile economic environment even the word “growth” is something particularly rare and greatly aspired. In the case of the Turkish Airlines, growth is almost an automatic concept which fuels our tourism and service sectors in Turkey.

Turkish Airlines, as a leading carrier in Turkey, is based in Istanbul. Since all of you know Istanbul and its most unique features, I will just briefly dwell upon its two strong points.

Firstly, Istanbul has always played the role of a strategic intersection since the dawn of the history. It dutifully connects East to West and North to South. Istanbul has also been the focal point of economic and cultural interaction. Therefore, no wonder the Silk Road which began in Xi’an ended in Istanbul for two millenia. At this very critical location, the Turkish Airlines plays a key role of addressing the needs of our times by bringing in international traffic and tourism, and providing a crucial connecting point for the rest of the world.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are not only mindful of today, but we are also setting targets for tomorrow, as well. “2023 Strategic Vision” of Turkey, inter alia, encompasses the target of increasing its international passenger capacity from 105 million to 350 million per year. As an integral part of this objective Turkey aims to construct one airport with a capacity of 60 million passengers per year and 3 airports with 30 million passengers per year capacity. In addition to these, Turkish Airlines is determined to have a civil aviation fleet comprising more than 750 aircrafts.

We strongly believe that the Turkish Airlines’ growing global presence and always advancing high quality of service are concrete evidences that this establishment does not rest on its laurels. The shining examples which recognize the Turkish Airlines’ fastidious service are Skytrax awards for, “World Aviation” in 2009, “World’s Best Economy Class On-board Catering” in 2010, “Best Airline in Europe” in 2011, “Best Airline Southern Europe” in 2011 and 2012, “Best Premium Economy Seats” in 2012, and Skyscanner award for "Best On-board Food” in 2011.

Turkish Airlines, with its daily flights from Beijing and Shanghai, as well as, 4 flights from Guangzhou, is determined to consolidate its position in the South East Asia. Hong Kong, with the daily flights, will no doubt further boost tourism and stimulate trade activities between Turkey and Hong Kong. The Hong Kongers are known for their keen eye for excellence. In 2002, almost 3 thousand passengers travelled with the Turkish Airlines from Hong Kong. When we come to 2012, this figure shoots up to almost 35 thousand, which means an increase of approximately 1167 %. So, once again the Hong Kongers have spotted the gem early on.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Before I conclude, I wish to congratulate the Turkish Airlines and its staff, our Consul General Mr. Tekneci for their significant achievements in Hong Kong and thank Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for its support in our endeavors. Taking this opportunity, I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our clients for giving Turkish Airlines the opportunity to prove itself time and again. As the Turkish Airlines motto goes “We are globally yours”.

Thank you.

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